Bergvriend Hannes
Bergvriend Hannes
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VDO - M6 WL - Fietscomputers

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Attributen & Features
Bike computer
Racing bike touring; Mountain bike touring; Bike trekking
Speed; Route functions; Temperature; Time; barometric altimeter; Optional: Pulse and cadence measurement
Zonder kabelverbinding:
Inhoud levering:
Bike computer; Holder; Transmitter; Spoke magnet
Battery 2450 3V
Black-white; Display lighting possible
D3 digital radio transmission; Bike detection; Data memory for 10 tours
The perfect cycle computer for the ambitious mountain cyclist - the M6 WL from VDO has extensive altitude measurement functions, which produce results immediately on the display. And the M6 WL of course boasts the usual features that are expected of any decent cycle computer. Different speed modes, distance functions, times and even the temperature can all be displayed on the device.
But the absolute highlight of the M6 WL is without doubt the aforementioned altitude functions that come together to create a height profile of the current tour on the display. The current altitude, incline, climb and descent altitudes, the maximum altitude of the journey and total height climbed over the course of the year. An incredibly motivating toy that calls for you to climb higher and higher!
A cadence sensor and a heart rate monitor can also be used with the M6 WL to provide additional, essential training data (heart rate control, calorie consumption, etc.).

Data overview:

Bike functions:
Current speed
Distance travelled today
Trip time
Average speed
Max. Speed
Stopwatch (manual)
Stopwatch (tracks how long you have been cycling for)
Roadbook Counter
Total data: Distance and travel time (for bike 1/bike 2/total)

Altitude functions:
Tour altitude profile
Current altitude/incline/temperature
Steepness and distance (uphill/downhill)
Max. Altitude
Incline and decline (average and maximum)
Altitude values for the year
Total distance travelled uphill (for bike 1/bike 2/total)

Extra features:
D3 digital radio transmission
Automatic pairing
Automatic bike detection
Data memory for 10 tours (can be accessed on the M6)
Battery alert
Display lighting
Can be used with two bikes (with an optional two bike set)
Adjustable wheel size
Auto start after breaks
Altitude calibration
Heart rate functions (optional):
Heart rate (current/average/maximum)
Calorie consumption
Pulse in % of maximum heart rate
Training time in, below, above the selected training zone (zones adjustable)
Heart rate graph (progress and zones)

Cadence options (optional):
Cadence (current/average/maximum)
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