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Attributen & Features
Bike computer
Road bike; Trekking bike; Mountain bike
Route; Time; Height; Speed; Temperature
Zonder kabelverbinding:
yes (digital STS 3-channel radio transmission)
Inhoud levering:
Bike computer; STS HF textile chest strap R1 STS Comfortex; STS speed sensor; Power magnet 2009; Wristband holder; STS holder CR 2450; Power Magnet cadence; STS cadence transmitter
compatible with Sigma docking station (not included)
CR 2450 battery in receiver; CR 2032 battery
Altitude calibration with current height or air pressure: tool-free assembly; can also be used as a hiking computer
A powerful little computer with all sorts of functions - the Sigma ROX 6.0 CAD! This compact computer will not only deliver altitude measurement but also speed, distance, heart rate, time and cadence values. That way, you’ll have all the information you need at a glance so that you can train as efficiently as possible. The wireless cycle computer is perfect for road cyclists, mountain bikers and avid trekking bikers.
The ROX 6.0 offers seven altitude measurement functions, altitude calibration and can display the elevation of the last three kilometres. The heart rate monitor is great for monitoring the intensity of your training. Plus, it is equipped with an alarm function to warn you when leave your target zone. The computer has a lap function as well. Thanks to the handy wristband, which is included, you can use the ROX 6.0 as a watch for your hill walks as well!
The computer is equipped with a digitally coded transmission system, which is designed to prevent interferences from other cycle computers or devices. When riding at night, you can just turn on the backlight to see your data. All of your data can be transferred to your PC using the docking station (sold separately) and analysed using the Sigma Data Center (optional). Have fun with the ROX 6.0!

Bike functions

  • Current/average speed

  • Current/average cadence

  • Maximum speed

  • Distance

  • Comparison of the current and average speed

  • current temperature

  • Incline

  • Maximum/current altitude

  • Elevation profile of the last 3 km

Cadence functions

  • 1 Target zone/4 intensity zones

  • Current/average heart rate

  • Audible/visual zone alarms

  • Automatic calculation of intensity, target and heart rate zones

  • HR in % of HR max

  • Calories

Other information

  • Automatic identification of second or third bike

  • Automatic start/stop

  • Back up with integrated memory chip (total values and settings)

  • Battery life receiver / transmitter (in years): 1

  • Battery type receiver: CR 2450

  • Battery type transmitter: CR 2032

  • Battery level indicator computer/transmitter

  • Backlight/adjustable contrast

  • LOG book

  • Languages: 7

  • Waterproof
  • Zone alarm can be turned on/off

PC interface

  • Automatic LOG book

  • Recording interval (in seconds): 10

  • PC interface

  • Memory capacity (approx. in hours): 19

  • Transmission of total values to PC

  • Transmission of settings to bike computer

  • Transmission of trip values to PC

Time functions

  • Countdown

  • Trip time

  • Separate time metre with manual stop/start

  • Stopwatch

  • Time (12/24)

Lap functions

  • Average speed / HR / Cadence per lap

  • Incline / kcal / max. HF /maximum distance per lap

  • Maximum number of laps: 99

  • Lap distance/time

  • Distance/time since start

Altitude calibration

  • IAC

  • Calibration using the current altitude

  • Calibration using air pressure at sea level

  • Preset start altitude: 1

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